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Hawaii Facts, Map and Symbols
Hawaii Map/Quiz Printout
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1. What is the capital city of Hawaii? ____________________________

2. In which ocean is Hawaii located? _______________________________

3. The Hawaiian Islands are the projecting tops of an undersea mountain range. How many major islands are there in the state of Hawaii? (There are also many smaller ones not shown on the map above.) ___________________________

4. What is the name of Hawaii's largest island? Captain James Cook was killed on this island in 1779. ___________________________

5. Which of the major islands is farthest north? ___________________________

6. The city of Kaunakakai is on which island? ____________________________________

7. The cities of Honolulu and Kaneohe are on which island? ______________________________________

8. The city of Kahului is on which island? _________________________

9. Which of the major islands is farthest west? _______________________________

10. The tallest point on Hawaii is a volcano that is 13,796 feet tall. What is its name? _______________________________

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