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Spectacled Porpoise

The Spectacled Porpoise (Australophocaena dioptrica) is a poorly-known toothed whale that lives in cold waters of the Southern Hemisphere. Very few sightings have been logged; its population numbers are unknown. It is a fast swimmer that may live alone or in small groups.

Anatomy: The Spectacled Porpoise (like all porpoises) has spade-shaped teeth and a small, rounded head. It has distinctive black and white coloring, especially around the eyes. These cetaceans are about 4.25 to 7.25 ft (1.3-2.2 m) long; they weigh about 130 to 185 pounds (60-84 kg). Newborn calves are about 28 to 32 inches (70-80 cm) long.

Diet: The Spectacled Porpoise is a carnivore that eats fish and squid.

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