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Use All About Whales to answer the following general whale questions.

1. Are whales fish or mammals?
2. Do whales breath using gills or lungs?  
3. What is the biggest animal that ever lived on Earth?  
4. There are two types of whales. What is the name of the type of whale that sieves tiny food through comb-like structures in its mouth?  
5. There are two types of whales. What is the name of the type of whale that hunts and kills prey using its teeth?  
6. The smallest whale is the dwarf sperm whale. How big does this whale get?  
7. When whales swim, do they move their tail up and down or left and right?  
8. What is it called when whales jump high out of the water and then slap the water as they come back down?  
9. What is it called when a whale pokes its head out of the water and turns around?  
10. What is it called when whales stick their tail out of the water, swing it around, and then slap it on the water's surface?  

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Level: Grade 3-5 Subject: whales, reading, writing, introduction to whale research on the internet

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