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The Zebra Bullhead Shark, Heterodontus zebra, is a bottom-dwelling shark that is found in the western Pacific Ocean, off Australia, Indonesia and east Asia. Very little is known about this shark.

Diet: A bottom-dweller, this shark probably eats small invertebrates (animals lacking a backbone, like crustaceans and mollusks).

Anatomy: This shark grows to 4 feet (1.2 m). It has a blunt head, and above each eye is a large knob. There is a small spiracle behind and below each eye; they are used for respiration. This shark has black stripes that give it its name. There are 2 large dorsal fins (each with a spine).

Reproduction: This shark is oviparous (it lays eggs); the female produces large, screw-like egg cases.

Classification: Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Chondrichthyes, Order Heterodontiformes, Familiy Heterodontidae (Bullhead and Horn sharks), Genus Heterodontus, Species H. zebra (it was named by Gray in 1831).

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