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Label the British Isles
Label the British Isles on the map below.

British Isles to label Atlantic Ocean - the body of water in which the British Isles are located
Belfast - the capital of Northern Ireland
Cardiff - the capital of Wales
Celtic Sea - the sea south of Ireland
Dublin - the capital of Ireland
England - the largest area in the United Kingdom; it is attached to Scotland and Wales
Edinburgh - the capital of Scotland
English Channel - the body of water off southern England which separates it from France
Hebrides - islands off the northwest coast of Scotland
Ireland - (the Republic of Ireland) - a country west of England across the Irish Sea (not part of the United Kingdom)
Irish Sea - the body of water that separates England and Ireland
Isle of Man - an island in the Irish Sea
Isle of Wight - an island off the southern coast of England
London - the capital of England (and the capital of the United Kingdom)
North Sea - the body of water northeast of the British Isles separating it from northwestern Europe
Northern Ireland - a part of the United Kingdom bordering the Republic of Ireland on the northeast
Orkney Islands - islands off the northeast coast of Scotland
Scotland - a part of the United Kingdom bordering England on the north
Shetland Islands - islands far off the northeast coast of Scotland
Wales - a part of the United Kingdom bordering England on the southwest

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