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City Map Reading Activity #1
Geography Pages
City Map reading

1. Color the map as follows: Blue-water, Red-fire station, Orange-library, Yellow-schools, Green-parks, Pink-city hall, Purple-hospital, Brown-community center.
2. Draw a green "X" at the intersection of Oak Street and 2nd Avenue. Draw a black "X" where River Street meets Cat Bridge. Draw a blue "X" at the address 180 River St.
3. In red, draw a short street route from City High School to the City Library.
4. Which is farther east, the elementary or middle school? _____________________
5. Which is farther south, Lake Park or City Park? _____________________
6. How far (in miles) is it from the bus station to the hospital? _____________________
7. Which school's address is 250 Oak Street? _____________________
8. What city building is located at E3? _____________________
9. When you look northeast, you see River Park. When you look north, you see the Water Plant. When you look east, you see the Elementary School. Where are you? _____________________

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